Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Escaping to the End of the World

I've escaped! I left all my responsibilities behind and bunked off to visit a friend on El Hierro for a few days. So on Sunday I took the ferry out (just 12.50€ for a foot passenger) and I'm flying back late on Thursday afternoon. The ferry is almost as fast as the flight, because the ferry is direct, and the flight goes via Tenerife North.

As usual, getting away and seeing my friend has done wonders for my productivity. I've written the first draft of a story about a musician for a competition, and outlined another story about a comet. And I've also zipped around this little island getting material for my blog about it.

(Yes I know it's a bit daft to have a blog about an island you don't live on. So I'm a bit daft. Is anybody surprised?)

I've seen the little museum in Valverde (the capital) and found a couple of viewpoints and a chapel I hadn't seen
before, and I finally got to the visitors' centre for the archaeological site at Julan, only to find that if you want to see the ruins themselves, it's a four hour walk (90 minutes down, 150 minutes back up). I'm not really fit enough anyway, but it's an incentive to get fitter and come back. And I love the scenery here. If there's one thing better than looking at it from a car, it's walking though it.

Of course it's going far too fast. But I hope to fit in some work on my e-book before I go home.

However did I survive without a laptop?