Friday, May 09, 2014

Alfie Dog Fiction

Yay! I have some stories up at Alfie Dog.

This site has over 1,400 stories available to download. And now they have three more.

Love Spell What do you do when your husband's losing interest? You might even be desperate enough to try a love spell from your New Age neighbour. Even though love spells don't always work the way you planned. - See more at: Just 39p!

Thrice Upon a Time Everyone knows that the prince has to rescue his princess from a tower. And of course that means that they'll fall in love and be perfectly compatible until death do us part. Yeah, right. - See more at: Just 39p!

Some Day My Prince Will Go Rapunzel finds life at the top of a tower amazingly boring. She can't wait for Prince Charming to rescue her. But princes are rare and not always charming, or even competent, and witches aren't always what they seem either. What's a princess to do? - See more at: Just 39p! 

You deserve to put your feet up with a story, don't you?

 They also have a competition for writers. You can get details here.