Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blasted car rally

I really hate the annual car rally that comes past my front door. The snarling noise goes on for almost 11 hours and I can't get my car out unless I remembered to park it elsewhere before they start.

 This year was worse.

I left home early to be sure I could get to work at the observatory, got as far as Mirca, and found another section of road blocked for the same damn rally. This meant a detour of well over an hour through the north of the island to get to the Roque de Los Muchachos. I managed to time coming home so that Mirca was open, and parked in the village.

And then some officious oaf insisted that I wasn't allowed past the barrier to walk the 100 yards to my own house.

I couldn't believe it! I phoned my husband to tell him, and he couldn't believe it either. He came out to investigate, and nobody stopped him. So we walked home together, and nobody stopped us, thank goodness.

So I can see three possibilities.

  1. the official changed his mind in 5 minutes without telling me. 
  2. he's incredibly sexist - middle aged woman needs a man to stop her jumping out in front of a rally car or 
  3. he didn't believe I lived where I said I lived until he saw a local man come and meet me. 

Whatever, I could have bloody well done without it.