Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy as usual

I'm back in the course, which is demanding but fun. Yesterday was meteorology, accident prevention and first aid, and today was astronomical distances and the sun. A lot of the others are finding the astronomy bit hard going, while I know most of the content, but I still have to learn all the vocabulary in Spanish. Mind you, taking notes in Spanish is getting easier, thank goodness.

I'm also trying to get fit, ready for the weekend trip into the Caldera. This morning I managed to get to the top of Montaña de la Breña for the first time since I was ill, so I think I'll be all right. I hope so. It'll be embarrassing if everybody has to wait for me.

Will I ever get time to write again?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The lost week

That last post turned out to be tempting fate. I had a short course on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, about how to start a tourism business. I was sniffling on Tuesday evening and worse on Wednesday. I scaled back my planned walk on Thursday, but by Friday afternoon I was downright ill.

I spent pretty much the whole weekend in bed, and still felt wobbly on Monday. I cancelled Tuesday's guiding job, and pottered around on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, I felt well enough to take a group around the WHT. Yippee, recovered at last!

And on Friday evening I went down with gastroenteritis. I had to cancel my plans for Saturday and Sunday, and still felt rough on Monday.

Today I finally feel well enough to start exercising again. Only the house is a mess and I haven't studied, and I need to cook ahead for next week's course and...

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tired legs.

Continuing my plan to get fitter, I took the bus into Santa Cruz this morning,and walked home. The hard way - up the steep hill to Buenavista at the back of Concepción, and then through San Pedro and down the hill to home.

All this walking is working. After 6 km it was nice to sit down, but I wasn't collapsing.