Monday, May 25, 2009

Still translating

I haven't posted lately, because pretty much all I've been doing is translating, and translating and translating.

It's not just the quantity of translating. It's stuff about church architecture, full of technical stuff like "a balcony supported by six cantilever beams with turned-wood balustrade". I've learnt the Spanish technical term for the central third of a tie beam roof. And then there's the job-titles of the people involved: military governors, church building inspectors and trustees. Not to mention the names of the patron saints. I've known the Spanish for St Peter and St Joseph for years, but St. Blaise and
Saint Maurus Abbot took a bit of research.

Mind you, I did get out to Las Nieves for an hour on Thursday to take some photos.

It'll be nice when I can get back to writing fiction.

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