Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On El Hierro

Well, we're on holiday in El Hierro again.

The last week was mad. I enjoyed the fiesta in Puerto Naos. I cooked a giant biscuit as a thankyou for my son's teacher, and we collected his marks. He's passed everything except Geography and History (one subject) so I have to spend an hour most days teaching him. (To be fair to him, most kids seemed to have failed it, so the problem is clearly not just him.)

And then I had to register him for high school next year. I was amazed, because he's already in that school. But I still had to get 4 photos of him, make a bank transfer, fill in four separate forms, and include photocopies of his health card, his ID card, my ID card and his father's ID card. How likelyis it that he's changed parents since last year?

The good bit is that I got him a place reserved for a summer camp at the end of July, and they´ll let me sort out the paperwork after this holiday.

And then I had to pack. And repot several plants which needed it (urgent because otherwise they bneed water every day, and clearly I´m not there to do it). And catch up a bit with the laundry. And my sister-in-law's mother died, so I had to make time for her - far more important than making sure we had toothbrushes on holiday. And I got an attack of flat batteries. So I didn´t get the translation finished after all.

The journey went quite smoothly though. We enjoyed our 4-hour stop-over in Gomera. But the ferry from Gomera to El Hierro was absolutely packed, and it was nice to arrive.

It was great to see my friend here. And one way and another, I'm looking forward to chilling out for a bit.

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