Friday, November 06, 2009

A sale!

I was getting as thirsty as the ancient mariner for some writing success.

With throats unslaked, with black lips baked,
We could nor laugh nor wail ;
Through utter drought all dumb we stood !
I bit my arm, I sucked the blood,
And cried, A sale! a sale!

I sold my story "Screamcatcher" to "Untied Shoelaces of the Mind", and I'll be in the debut issue some time next month. So that's me happy.

My son isn't so happy. We finally got a disk for his Xbox, but he's banned from computer games mid-week so he had to wait until today to try it. And the Xbox got the dreaded "Red Ring of Death". It's almost certainly a coincidence, since Xboxes do tend to die, but it's extremely frustrating for him.

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