Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

And a very happy 2010 to both my readers.

I had planned to write a review of 2009, but I haven't done it yet, partly because I'm always busy with family at this time of year, and partly because I have a stinking cold, which really slows me down.

If you've made a bunch of new year's resolutions, I strongly recommend you look at, and think again. It works a lot better to change one thing at a time. If that seems too defeatist and slow, consider this: If you make the same 20 resolutions every year for ten years and fail each time, you've fixed 0 problems. This is what most people do. If you make 1 resolution every year for ten years and succeed each time, you've fixed 10 problems. And Leo recommends fixing one thing in January, one in March, one in May, and so on. That adds up to 60 problems fixed in 10 years.


And Leo has a lot of other good advice, too.

Early tomorrow morning, I'm off on a mini-break to La Gomera, to see a friend. So I should have something to write about when I get back.

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