Friday, March 05, 2010

Going Bananas!

I finished the rush translation job and decided that I'd earned a morning off. So I went off to Tijarafe to see the banana museum.

I had trouble finding it, but it was a lovely, sunny morning, and the old part of the village was nice, too. I stopped to ask an old lady directions, and we had a nice chat, and I found the museum with her help.

Well, it's a pleasant enough little museum, and I'll blog about it in due course. And I found some other nice little nooks and crannies to photograph. But the highlight of the morning was the church. I popped in on general principles, because a) I was there, b) most old churches on La Palma are pretty and c) it's the oldest one on the island (which was in the text I'd just translated).

I got a big surprise. The test I translated said, "It has been restored, enlarged and altered on several occasions." They weren't kidding. One nave is 15th century, and the other looks like it was built in the 1960s. and the most amazing bit was that the two look good together! (There are more photos on the La Palma blog).

Mostof the morning had gone by then, so I headed back towards the car. I stopped onthe way to photograph a nice old balcony with an old woman on it. As I got closer she waved at me, and I thought perhaps she was annoyed at being photographed. But no. It was the old lady who'd given me directions to the museum and she wanted another quick chat.

I feel I've come up for air.

Of course I should really have stayed home and caught up with cleaning the house, but I'm getting on with that today.

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