Saturday, May 22, 2010

The footpath around La Palma

Because I'm slightly nuts and seriously unfit, I've taken it into my head to walk all the way around the island (in easy stages, of course).

Luckily there's a long-distance footpath to follow, the GR 130, all nicely marked.

I want to do the southern half first, because it's flatter. (Please note, flatter, not flat.) I hope to be a bit fitter before I tackle the seriously steep bits around the north of the island. Since it's a circular route, you can start or finish wherever you fancy. the guide books all start the walk in Santa Cruz de la Palma.

Going south from Santa Cruz, you start with a really steep slope up to the ConcepciĆ³n headland. No thank you. Wimp that I am, I started at the viewpoint on top of the headland. Then I walked though El Porvenir, San Pedro, San Miguel and Las Ledas. Almost all of it was on back roads.
By that time I felt tired, and it was time to go home for lunch. So I did.

About 4 km down, 155 km to go.

Yup, I'm definitely mad.

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