Monday, August 16, 2010

Superman's big sister sells fiction

Yesterday was a great day. In the morning I did my usual guiding job around Grantecan. It's particularly nice to show people around at the weekend. Since there's no engineering work going on, the duty engineer has time to do things like move the telescope. Yesterday, he took the brakes off in azimuth (the bit that goes round like a merry-go-round) and asked who wanted to move over 400 tonnes of telescope by hand.

None of the tourists took him up on it, so I had a go. It took a while to get it moving, because 400 tonnes means a lot of inertia. But the same inertia meant that once I stopped pushing, it carried on for over a metre by itself.

I felt like Superman's big sister!

And then when I got home and read my email, I found that Wily Writers had bought my story "Unreal Estate" for their issue on Urban fantasy – strong female protagonist. I believe it'll be out in September. Watch this space!

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Pamela said...

Who's a clever girl then, on both counts? Well done!