Thursday, April 21, 2011

The lost week

That last post turned out to be tempting fate. I had a short course on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, about how to start a tourism business. I was sniffling on Tuesday evening and worse on Wednesday. I scaled back my planned walk on Thursday, but by Friday afternoon I was downright ill.

I spent pretty much the whole weekend in bed, and still felt wobbly on Monday. I cancelled Tuesday's guiding job, and pottered around on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, I felt well enough to take a group around the WHT. Yippee, recovered at last!

And on Friday evening I went down with gastroenteritis. I had to cancel my plans for Saturday and Sunday, and still felt rough on Monday.

Today I finally feel well enough to start exercising again. Only the house is a mess and I haven't studied, and I need to cook ahead for next week's course and...

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