Sunday, July 24, 2011

Concert in San Jose

I've been frustrated by a like of progress with my writing projects, but then I was tour guiding three mornings last week, plus it's the village fiesta (which makes it too noisy to sleep some nights) plus we had my husband's belated birthday party on Saturday. One way and another, perhaps it's not so very odd that I'm tired.

Certainly I was tired after the birthday party, but after a nap I decided to go and take a look at the concert, since I'd seen almost nothing of the fiesta so far.

I was glad I made the effort. The first group were punk rockers called the Ramones (no, not the originals), and I don't think I'd have enjoyed a recording, but the live performance was fun. The second group called Overbooking had a much wider range: Pink Floyd, Queen, Brian Adams, U2 and many more. And my goodness, the girl could sing!

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