Thursday, September 08, 2011

More paperwork

It's been a busy week. I was horrified to find out yesterday that today was the last day to get my son signed up at school for the academic coming year.

I'm not fond of paperwork at the best of times.  It really doesn't help that I've recently had to renew my British passport and help a friend with paperwork over the car she sold years ago. I really wasn't in the mood for more.

Doing it against the clock sends my blood pressure through the roof.  The earliest I could collect the forms was 9am, and they had to be handed in by 1 pm.  4 hours.

At least I could get his  photos passport-type done in advance.  Last night we dashed into town to get them just before I dashed off to Los Llanos for some completely unrelated paperwork.

This morning I ran around like a mad thing, and got the bits together: blank forms collected from the school; small amount of money transferred to the school account with receipt to prove it; photos with his name on the back; formal authorization; application to borrow text books; his promise to study (ha!); application for school bus, photocopies of his ID card, my ID card, my husband's ID card and his health service card; authorization to send me an SMS if he doesn't turn up at school; certificate to say that I've sacrificed a black goat under the full moon, signed by the head of the observatory in his own blood...

OK, so I made the last one up, but all the rest were real.

Now that I've got it sorted, I've relieved and tired out.

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