Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Isla Bonita Car Rally

Every year La Palma's big car rally goes past my front door. I usually find the first few cars exciting, the next few interesting, and the last fifty or so very noisy.  But then usually, they're racing from about 11 am to 5pm. This year, they were going to be snarling and roaring past my house until midnight on Friday, and again for most of Saturday. I really wasn't looking forward to that. In fact, given the way I'd been collapsing with exhaustion at 9:30 pm, the thought was almost unbearable. So I rather cheekily invited myself to a friend's house, and bless her, she said yes. I wound up staying most of Saturday too. Actually I had a great time. Not only did I get away from the noise, I got away from all the housework I'm not quite well enough to do, plus the housework that I can perfectly well do, but don't want to. And I got into a different environment, talked to new people and had a rest. Which is probably why I started a new story for the first time in months. Certainly the first time since my op. It's far too soon to know whether the story's any good, but in one way it doesn't matter. I wrote something!

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