Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My Kindle's arrived, and so I charged up the battery. Then I found that I couldn't load files until I'd registered it, which was a bit awkward because you need a wi-fi area to register.  Now that wouldn't normally be a problem, but this afternoon is going to be mad.  My husband's driving license expired while he wasn't looking, and mine expires on Saturday, so we both need a medical to get new ones (standard practice in Spain, and it's a pain, but rather sensible really.)  We've heard that the new medical centre in Los Cancajos is good and fast, but they're only open Tuesday afternoons.  So I have to take my son to his extra class, then get my husband to the opticians in San Pedro, get my son to an appointment in town, and get myself to Los Cancajos for my check-up.  I don't know how long the check-up will take (years ago, the place in town used to have 4-hour queues) and when I've finished I have to collect my son and husband, take my husband for his medical check-up if there's time, and cook dinner.  Five minutes in a wi-fi area is one thing.  Finding a parking space and getting to the wi-fi area is another.  I can't see it happening today, and I can't see it happening tomorrow either.  Very frustrating!  I want to play with my new toy.

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