Wednesday, January 23, 2013


At long last I've finished the dang tax return!

Since I'm self employed, I have to fill in quarterly tax returns.  Normally they're quite simple:

Income: guiding
Expenses: social security, petrol
Profit: Why do I bother?

Only this quarter I published a book, didn't I? Layout and printing for two issues in English, ISBN, graphics, business cards, letter head, web site to sell books, ISBN for the Spanish version ... On the plus side, I've sold a story to Abyss and Apex, books @ 5€, 10€ 11.20€ and 12€, and finally been paid for guiding work done in March, July, August, September and October. Oh, and I've been paid for Spanish books I haven't delivered yet.

It wasn't easy.  I'm very glad that I've finished.

And here's a little something to relax anyone who's still struggling with a Spanish tax return:


Patsy said...

Quarterly tax returns? That seems a bit OTT. Do you pay quarterly too?

Sheila, Canary Islands said...

Well I would pay if I got paid more than the threshold, but I don't earn much, people pay me late, and there's the flat rate social security payments every month, so that's not likely.

In fact, it's my ambition to earn so much this year that I have to pay tax.

Luckily my husband has a decent salary, so we're actually quite comfortable.