Friday, September 27, 2013

Astrophotography Masters

The moon over the sea from La Venta viewpoint
I went to a free talk on astrophotography, which was part of the masterclass held in Los Cancajos this week by Astrolapalma. It was brilliant! The two teachers gave a talk each: Christoph Malin on light pollution, and Babak Tafreshi of The World At Night project. These guys are famous astrophotographers, and their photos and time lapse videos are stunning. And Babak likes my book, and Christoph REALLY likes my book. In fact, he told everyone how good it was and recommended that they buy it! And then he invited me to the photography session they were about to have for free!! I was beyond knackered, but I went. Of course I went! This is something like being invited to a jam session with Brian May. The weather was crap, and it took me a while to remember how to use the manual settings on the Pentax, so the photo isn't much cop. But I have had personalised advice on white balance, and maximising dynamic range from Babak. Wow!

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