Tuesday, March 10, 2015


I really need to finish translating the second edition of "A Breathtaking Window" into Spanish. I was working through all the minor changes from the English second edition, seeing which ones needed to go into the Spanish version (most of them). I came across a URL on my starisland.co.uk page, and decided that the best thing would be to move it over to sheilacrosby.com now, so that I could put the new one in my book. I had to move star island by May anyway. Part of my grand Unify-the-Blogs plan.

So I moved it over and it completely overwrote the whole ****ing site.

The one I spent about a month on - or was it six weeks?

And I didn't have a proper backup for lack of disk space.

It could be worse though. I got the site ready (all the visual stuff like colours and background images) at lapalmaisland.sheilacrosby.com, and I still had the file I used to transfer it. And I know how to do stuff. But I still have to transfer over posts and pages from lapalma-island, and re-do all the writing stuff. The page of my publications took bloody forever, because of all the links I had to check. I suppose that's good in a way, since it's due to selling a lot of stories over the years. It's a fuck-ton of work, and this week I have three morning's work at the Roque and a translation for the Tourist Board. And the Tourist Board are in a hurry.

So the second edition in Spanish is postponed yet again, although it's a lot further forward.

And I am not a happy bunny. For one thing, I'm very cross with myself. I know how important backups are. I should have gone out and bought a ****** flash drive.

Oh yeah, at the time I didn't take the backup, I had no money. And the next week, I had money but forgot about it.

Oh well, it'll all get fixed eventually. But I'm still not happy.

So in the mean time, there will be sporadic updates to this blog again.

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