Friday, September 25, 2009


Well my son's pretty much healed up. His main problems now are:
  1. The nasty scrape on his elbow is slow to heal.
  2. Major back-to-school-itis, and
  3. Frustration.
The frustration is because he spent all his birthday money and savings on an Xbox 360 on e-Bay, and it took over a week to arrive. And when it finally got here, we had a power cut. The whole island was blacked out for over 5 hours. We had salad for lunch and I got a replacement cannister for the little camping stove, ready to cook dinner. And then I went off to my yoga class.

And when I got home, all the lights were on. But there was no game for the Xbox: the "surprise" included was that you could down load games from the internet onto the hard drive we haven't got.

And then the lights went off again, this time just our half of the village. I suspect that whatever happened at the island's power station left them with insufficient power for the whole island, so they had rolling power cuts. Anyway, I cooked dinner on the camping stove by candlelight, and it was at least edible. And I got all nostalgic about the miners' strike when I was a kid.

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