Monday, September 28, 2009

The not-so-elite X box

Remember the Xbox 360 elite on e-Bay and couldn't use because it arrived during a power cut? The e-Bay advert said it was "unused, with intercooler and present". As soon as the power came back on, I emailed the seller to ask about the present. He said it's that you can download games from the Internet instead of buying them. That's a present?

The official X box site says that the elite comes with a 120Gb drive, but when we bought a game and switched it on, the Xbox said it had no drive. Nope, it's not an internal drive damaged in transit, there is no hard drive, so you can't save games. The seller says his advert never mentioned a drive.

What do other people think? Is it just me, or is it like selling a car with no engine and then saying, "But I never said it included an engine!"?

Now the seller's threatening to complain to e-Bay if I don't give him a positive vote.

It's 1 am, and I'm too angry to sleep.

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