Friday, February 26, 2010

Why would anyone prefer to be scared and miserable?

I made the mistake of trying to tell an American email friend that practically everything the US media say about the British health service is simply not true.

They do not throw out premmie babies.

They do not throw out old people.

The do treat you for cancer if you're old.

They do treat overdoses.

They don't have a spending cap per person.

I know this because I've lived it.

And then there's the stuff you can find on the Internet in about 5 minutes. Stephen Hawkings is British, not American. Brits live a year longer than Americans on average.

Of the bits I can check for myself - not trusting journalists or politicians of any party - everything the Republican party says about the British health service is a lie. EVERYTHING. This doesn't prove to me that the democrats are right about health care or anything else, just that the Republican party is full of liars.

Here's the answer I got. (Hang onto your hat.)

"I will never, ever in my entire friggin life understand whites. Sheila, if a baby is born as much as 3 months early, the child is given every chance medically possible, without regard to expense. Many don't make it, but they're given the chance, not tossed in the waste can or whatever Euros do. I have 3 elder in my father's longhouse who are centenarians. Most of the people where Shirley works are in their 80s and 90s, and all of them still go out, still party, still love to live. We live far longer than most euros because the US is the top in medical care, not Amsterdam-health-care, not hitler's health care where he had the elderly dragged from their homes, then the disabled, and then the jews and christians and killed to enrich himself. Please note that wealth Canadians come her for care.

The death toll comes from the preemies dying, from Hispanics who lived under socialized health care dying when barely in their 50s, from Native Americans who are allowed to die under socialized health care here.

I had an operation and had to have it. Had I not, i could have gotten gangrene from a botched operation a STATE (socialized) hospital. I went to the best, Geisinger, a private hospital. It cost 37,500+ dollars and someone who took an interest in my need forced the state to pay most of it. Had it been up to the socialized health care we have (AKA welfare) I would have died.

Tell which of my family should be lost first? the dems are going to get half the funds from the elderly, the disabled, and as two famous American nazi families were the ones to put him in office--Kennedy and soros--I can foresee a time the Jews will also be dragged off. But us red niggers will go first. the dems always dreamed of a day they could do that. Why else did they destroy the homes of the Navajo elders? 27 died because of it. 9,000 Tarahumara died, and nothing was done. 15,000 Tohono--I have friends on the border who impoverished themselves to save them from the PORI in Mexico, to no avail. How many Moskitos Indians died and the dems castigated Reagan fort helping them? How many dead redskins will it take before the europeans running the show here are happy?

How long? Life is sacred in any religion but not where these creeps can make a buck. Money is the name of their game, not life, not helping people."

I was surprised for several reasons and not just at the breathtaking rudeness or lack of logic. He's scared, and the savage verbal attack follows from that.

I'm used to people blanking out bad news. As in, "Lump, what lump? I certainly don't need to get the doctor to check out this lump." People sometimes prefer short term happiness to good information.

But this guy's refusing to hear good news. State run medicine isn't automatically dreadful medicine. What's so terrifying about that? Why would anyone prefer to be scared and miserable rather than well informed and less worried?

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