Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last night's pandorgas were lovely, but tiring. I had to park well south of town and walk in. On the way, I fell in with someone I know, and took some photos of her gorgeous little niece. I was so late I began to worry that I'd missed the whole thing, but when I eventually I found the parade, it wasn't even halfway along its route. The lead pandorga was the world cup, which of course drew enthusiastic cheers.

So I got my photos, and cut through to the sea front to get out of the crowd. And then I headed home. But I bumped into two of my brothers-in-law, with their respective families, including my lovely little great nephew, who's two. Cue for more photos. And then the pandorgas came past again. And at the tail end of the procession, my teenage niece posed for photos with one of the pandorgas, and the people carrying it say, "Oh keep it. We're going home." And I wound up taking it home, at about 1 am.

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~PakKaramu~ said...

Congratulation to your fooball team