Thursday, June 02, 2011

At Last!

After I got back from El Hierro, it was full speed ahead on my course project. My friend Merche helped me with the Spanish for about three hours, bless her! I finally printed it out at about 10:30 pm on Wednesday night.

On Thursday morning I had a group up at the Roque, so I only had odd moments here and there to prepare my presentation of said project. I had lunch at the Roque, and stopped the car on the way don to tell the heather and laurel trees all about it. I found that I got horribly tongue-tied, and it came out far too long. After about the fourth attempt I had a decent opening, a rough idea of the timing, a couple of ideas to make it interesting to listen to, and some thoughts of what I could add if needed.

And a sinking feeling that mine was going to be the worst presentation of the lot, by quite a wide margin. Oh well, too late now. And it was 10% of the total mark.

And on to the exam. I think I did fairly well. And then the dreaded presentation.

I didn't get tongue-tied, people laughed in the right places, and I finished on time. Not brilliantly organised, but not bad either.

So I think I passed, but in any case, the course is over, the pressure's off for the first time in three months, and we all went out to celebrate.

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