Sunday, June 12, 2011

Not so free.

I think I made a reasonably thorough job of item one on my post-Starlight-Guide-course list, which was "Chill". I don't seem to have got much further, though. Well, I managed the overdue haircut before my fringe reached my jaw and I caught up with the laundry backlog and excavated the kichen.

But I've made very little progress on the rest of the list. That's partly because I've been doing a lot of tour guiding, but mostly because many of the items are ridiculous long or vague: "Learn German," for example. That was never going to happen in on afternoon, was it? (Mind you, I have learned a few more words of German.) "Get fit again" - I'll do that on Wednesday, shall I? Only how will I know when I'm fit enough.

So the whole thing needs a rethink, just as soon as I can make enough time to do it.

I'd better put that on the list.

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