Thursday, November 17, 2011

Feeling better

I spent most of yesterday feeling really down, and feeling that I wasn't getting anywhere.  I wasn't sure whether I felt down because I STILL hadn't finished a short section of the book about the Roque after three days, or whether I wasn't finishing the section because I felt down.

Well I'd tried bashing on for three days, so today I tried something different.  I asked permission to get inside the Jacobus Kapteyn telescope to take photos - if I couldn't write, maybe I could sort out a couple of missing illustrations.

Well it took a bit of waiting about - after all THEY were doing ME the favour - but I got inside and got my photos, and I got it done before showing a group around GTC at 12.
Even better on the way down, I stopped for a walk near Pico de la Nieve, and I found this:
Now that really made me feel better.


Patsy said...

Oooh, like that maze (it is a maze?)

Vicious cycle isn't it? Feel down because the writing isn't going well, then can't write because you feel down.

Geoff Nelder said...

I'd like to think it's a mystic circle.