Sunday, November 13, 2011

Writing again

It's been a productive weekend.  I've been working on an ebook of my SF stories.  The stories themselves have each been published at least once, but I still had to produce things like a foreword, biography and acknowledgements, which took much longer than expected since I've never done it before.  Then there was the problem of where to put information like, "This story was first published in Jackhammer ezine in 1998".  After waltzing it around the contents page, foreword and toying with the idea of a separate page, I produced a preamble for each story.

I've sent it off to a friend for comments, but I think I might have finished.

This doesn't mean the ebook will be out this week - there's still layout to do, and I have to learn how to market it.  But my part as author is pretty much done.


Patsy said...

Sounds like an interesting project. I'd love to know how you get on as I might consider doing something similar myself.

Patsy said...

Oooops, my hands have turned to rubber as a side effect of NaNo and I submitted before I was ready.

Good luck!