Thursday, December 08, 2011

Warp Speed 9

Maybe I should just start blogging about the days when I don't feel overloaded.

I usually send out about 25 Christmas cards, with around robin letter.  I like to get this in the post on December 1st, and I haven't finished the first draft yet. (No, it doesn't go through about 6 drafts like a short story, usually just 2.)

I've just finished a rush translation job for the tourist board.  Rushed or not, extra money in time for Christmas was irresistible.

And I like to get the decorations up on Dec 6th, which is a public holiday here.  But we just found out that our tree has a screw missing, just like the rest of the family.

Normal blogging will resume some time in 2016.


Patsy said...

I've just scribbled out my cards - that's all I have done though. Yikes.

Patsy said...

Oh and congrats on the translation job - yes, extra cash is always good.