Monday, December 12, 2011


I was on my way to yoga when a warning light started flashing on the car's dashboard - an orange engine.  Well, I was nearly there, so I got there, parked, turned the engine off, and turned it back on again.  It didn't flash any more, but it was still lit.


There was nothing I could do about it for the moment, so I went to yoga anyway.  The light was still lit on the way home.

Now my husband's good with cars (lucky me) but he was out on a course and not expected home until about 9 pm.  So I it the internet.  The light means that something wrong with the engine, or an engine sensor, but probably not serious.

Probably.  And I'm due to go up to the observatory in the morning.  A mere 6,000ft climb with about 200 hairpin bends and no mobile phone coverage for most of the route.  Oh, and the Spanish believe that Tuesday 13th is unlucky, the way that Brits and Americans do about Friday 13th.

Watch this space.

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