Sunday, November 11, 2012


The English version of the book is still "in validation" at the publishers. In theory, it should get the green light on Monday, and move into production.

I've done about a quarter of the translation.  It's not quite as difficult as I expected, and I'm making better progress now that I make a note of puzzling words and carry on, then send an email to a Spanish astronomer asking how to translate things like "survey" (as applied to astronomy) or "site testing" or "broken Cassegrain."

Still and all, it's a really good thing that I have Spanish friends who are correcting my text.

Meanwhile, I've started publicity for the book on my blog about La Palma. This is good, because I need to have the publicity ready for the launch when the books get here at the end of the month.  So I have to create web pages and prepare excepts and so on at the same time as I'm translating.

So no lying on the sofa and eating chocolate for me just yet!

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