Monday, August 26, 2013

Books on sale.

I went to visit my friends in Franceses on Wednesday, and en route I left book on sale or return in Los Sauces (the librería Iriarte) and Barlovento (librería Barlovento.)

Then Friday was the open day for Garafía (the observatory is built in land ceded by Garafía Town Hall, so they get their own open day.) I worked as a guide in the morning doing the general explanation and showing the MAGIC telescope - sun beating down on top and concrete underneath, but nice people.

Once I finished, I sat in the residencia for a bit to cool off and rehydrate. Then instead of going home, I carried on down the Garafía side to distribute more books. So they're no on sale at La Zarza and Zarzita museum, Santo Domingo town hall, Turque Bazaar in Puntagorda and Librería Tijarafe. Oh, and I also stopped by the shop at El Time viewpoint to restock them.

I got home at 9 pm, very tired.

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Patsy said...

You have been busy! Hope you get lots of sale.