Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Don't read this if you're eating...

Are you eating? Because you'd probably prefer to read the next bit when you're not.

I made a big cake for my husband's belated birthday party which I'd planned to decorate with "Felicidades" in chocolate letters. Only I opened the packet of letters and found -

(You're not eating, are you?)

Maggots.  About 10 of them. Yuck!  Eugh! Gak!

I'm quite a bit less squeamish than average, but believe me, I was squeaming. So I shoved letters, maggots and packaging into a bag for later, and decorated the cake with white chocolate and pink sprinklies.  Even though neither the letters nor the maggots ever went anywhere near the cake, I didn't really enjoy it. And of course I couldn't tell anyone at the party because we were all eating.

Anyway, a couple of days later I had time to do something about it. I didn't have the receipt any more, so I wrote to the manufacturers and sent the whole packet back to them. I reasoned that they needed the details STAT to stop it happening again, and that the supermarket would only refund my money, whereas the manufacturer might be a bit more generous.
The picture shows how sorry they are. They also said, "Thank you thank you thank you for telling us. We're sending the wildlife to the lab to find out what happened."

I call that sincere. But I'm trying to lose weight, and cake mixtures and decorations aren't going to help, so I'll be giving quite a bit of it away.

Want some chocolate letters? Somehow I've gone off them, even now.

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