Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

And a very happy new year to both my readers.

I'm still feeling very tired, but after three and a half days at home, the muddle's receding. The house is cleaner and tidier, most presents have been bought, and I've even got a couple of extra meals cooked and frozen. A friend made it over from El Hierro just in time for new year, so I actually took time off from my hamster wheel and went out to see La Cumbrecita for the first time in years.

I haven't had time to set goals for 2009 yet, but I have got as far as totting up my writing achievements for 2008. I made 94 submissions, and sold 7 short stories. I thought I hadn't done much writing, but I made 148 posts to the blog about LaPalma and 173 posts to this blog. More importantly, I wrote almost 25,000 words of my novel and five short stories. I know some people write half a million words a year, but that's still a heck of a lot better than I thought.

I also got quite a few bits and bobs done around the house, like varnishing the bannisters (at last) and decluttering the utility room.

So now I just have to plan 2009. At this rate I might just conquor the world by 2015.

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