Friday, January 09, 2009

New Year Goals

Christmas is finally over, so I suppose it's time for New Year resolutions.

Every year for about ten years, I've resolved to lose weight. And every year I get heavier. So it's time to try something different.

Last year I tried a new approach to writing fiction, and it worked really well. I set myself a daily quota, and once that was achieved I relaxed and gave myself permission to forget about it.

So that's what I'm going to try with my waistline. Instead of watching my weight, I'm going to do some aerobic exercise and some stretching every day. I'm also planning to eat more veg and fewer biscuits, but that's a little harder to adapt to the new philosophy. Whether or not I get thinner, I should definitely get healthier.

I'll review progress at the end of March. That's long enough to get some idea of whether it works, and besides, that's when the temporary job finishes, so I'll be changing my lifestyle then anyway. I cuurently weight 95.5 kg (ouch!). Watch this space.

I've started by abandoning the lift in favour of the stairs at work. Impressed? You should be. My office is on the 6th floor.

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