Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday's drive to Barlovento was very nice, even though we didn't go for the best of reasons (see previous post.) We got to the local police station, and found it shut. So we popped into the bar and had a coffee and a nibble. Then Theresa remembered that the insurance firm had given her a photocopied list with all the phone numbers for all the police stations on the island. So I tried the mobile, and got no answer. Great.

So I asked the waitress, and she said he was usually to be found the other end of the village. We'd got about two yards outside the bar when the policeman drove past.

We ran after the car. He must have seen us because he parked. I was amused to see he looked exactly like an American Sheriff in a TV programme - the genial sort, fortunately. It was no big deal for him, but he took all the details and said that he'd produce the report when requested. After all that driving, it only took about ten minutes.

We went to the accident site for some daylight photos (see Helen and Theresa's blog). Then it was on to Franceses, to feed their cat who was very pleased to see us. Meanwhile, I spent ten very happy minutes taking photos of the almond blossom in their neighbour's garden.

And then we drove all the way home in time for a late lunch.

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