Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peace, less-than-perfect peace

Well, I dropped my son off at summer camp yesterday afternoon. Since I only had 800 words of the current translation left, I was looking forward to some "me time" -- sort of. I intended to finally sew the curtains for the living room, so we could watch TV or play video games without having the rigmarole of covering up the windows with whatever's available. (The TV is opposite a big picture window.)

And then disaster struck.

I translated the 800 words and sent them off this morning, and got ready to do the happy dance.

But I got a reply, "What about the privacy policy?"

So I hunted through the old e-mails, and yes, there was one file (out of 79 files) that I'd somehow missed. So I have another 1,900 words to go, which will take pretty much all my time until my son gets back.


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