Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sneezing taps

Gosh what a long time since I updated this blog! Since I probably can't catch up, I'll just carry on from now.

Yesterday the council cut off the water all day, to connect new pipes to the existing system. At least they told us well in advance, saying it would last 8 am to 8 pm.

This seemed like a really good day to visit my friends in Franceses. So off we went, and admired their new patio and kitchen floor, and had a good chat and a nice lunch.

We stopped off in Santa Cruz on our way home for some shopping and a snack. My son has to learn the map of Europe, so I bought a jigsaw and I'll stick a map to the back. Hopefully that will be more fun (and therefore more memorable) than just staring at the book.

Now I thought that "8 am - 8 pm" meant "We think we'll finish by about 5pm, but we're saying 8 pm to cover our rear ends." I've done that sort of thing as a software engineer more times than I can count. So when we got home at 6 pm I really hoped we'd have water.

Nope. I was very glad we'd filled buckets the night before and put them beside the toilets. (Thanks for the reminder, Helen). I was also glad we had bottled water to drink and cook dinner with.

It was almost 9 pm when the water finally came on. And then it was dirty (I should have seen that coming!) Besides, the pipes are full of air pockets.

This morning the water's clean, but the air pockets are still there, so the taps are still sneezing. You have to be really careful what you put underneath, or the room gets sprayed.

And boy does the house look like I was out all day yesterday.

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