Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I gave my sister-in-law a lift to hospital outpatients on Monday morning, where this man was waiting to see the same doctor.  He said that he'd had his appointment changed, and this was the only way he could fit in outpatients and carnival, and he wasn't going to miss either.

I was home by about noon, so I took my son and went to see Los Indianos (pictures at http://lapalma-island.com/2012/02/los-indianos-2012/ ).  The party goes on all day, but this is the first time I've gone before about 5 pm, and it's usually been much later.  I have to do this again, if only because it's so much easier to take photos in daylight.

This year I had a special reason to go early.  I had work as a tour guide this morning, and I had to be at the quay at 8:30 this morning - so I was tucked up in bed by 10 pm.

I was a bit nervous about the guiding because it was a new route to me.  We went to El Paso (where I found that the silk museum's been enlarged), La Glorieta, and Fuencaliente.    As it turned out, everything went well: nice group, nice driver, nice weather, I had no trouble finding places, and nobody asked me anything I didn't know.

Silk hanky from the enlarged silk museum. It'd be a sin to blow your nose on it.

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