Sunday, February 05, 2012

Unspectacular Progress

I got another section of the Observatory book written and sent out to my beta readers, and I'm halfway through the next. I've done a couple of critiques for friends and a long-overdue review for another. I even managed to keep up with exercise programme. Of course it helped that Saturday morning's guiding job got cancelled due to an orange weather alert. We were threatened with 90 km/h winds along the coast, so it was reasonable to expect really lively weather up at 8,000 ft. I wasn't a bit surprised when the tour was cancelled, just relieved. And it meant that I could go to the farmer's market on Saturday morning when everything's really fresh, rather than in the afternoon when the best stuff's been sold. And we haven't had a storm here at all, although I gather it got rather lively in the north of the island. I imagine that the eye of the storm passed farther north. Ah well, I enjoyed the writing.

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Patsy said...

Glad you were able to put the time to good use.

We had a severe weather warning here ... and got a bit of rain.