Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Social Whirl

Carlos Gonzalez and Sheila Crosby dressed as 1960s hippies

After several weeks of all work and very little play, it was time for some belated carnival action. Los Cancajos held a 1960s day on Saturday, and we went along for the live band in the early evening, suitably dressed. The costume came from a shop in the village, with added heavy eye makeup.  Here's my husband with the drummer from the band La Retranka.

We boogied until 8 pm, by which time the ankle I broke years ago was starting to protest a little. But in any case, it was time to go home and change for the Sardine's Funeral in Los Sauces.

My husband had a terrific costume he organised well in advance. I've been so busy with ebooks that mine was a last-minute scramble, based around da big boots I bought years ago.

My boots with crippling 6 inch heels

Here's a free life tip.  Do not wear 6" heels when a) you're not used to them, b) your ankle is already a bit sore from dancing c) you'll have to walk about half a mile from the car park to the action, d) the crowd surges around to avoid being squashed by several hundred kilos of dancing sardine and e) you'll be stuck with wearing them for three hours.
Carlos Gonzalez and Sheila Crosby at the sardine's funeral in Los Sauces

On the other hand, if you want to take photos from the middle of a crowd, it helps to be tall, and it helps even more to be 6 " taller than usual. And the Los Sauces sardine was much, much better than the one in Santa Cruz: the crowd was huge and enthusiastic, the costumes were better, the sardine was bigger and it danced (I'll be putting up a video later) and the fireworks were fantastic. So it was well worth walking back to the car in stocking feet and being totally crippled this morning.

the creamation of the sardine at Los Sauces

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