Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some fun: A Local Sardine

El Llanito sardine's funeral bier, carried by the widows. Brena Alta, La Palma island

Last night I went to a third sardine's funeral, in El Llanito, near San Pedro. (I'm doing well this year.) It's only a small, local party, but it's close and we'd heard that it was good. Unlike most places, the bier was carried by the sardine's widows.  Like most places, the widows were very tall and muscular.

I particularly liked this old lady, who kept insisting on more rum in her drink.
Reveler dressed as an old lady, insisting on more rum, El Llanito sardine's funeral. Brena Alta, La Palma island

It is good. It's nothing like the size of the one in Los Sauces, but definitely well worth the ten-minute drive. And the fireworks were amazingly good for such a small event.

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