Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy Thursday

Thursday was mad busy.

I picked up Alan Gandy from Santa Cruz at 8:15 and drove him to Barlovento to start his walk. then, since I was so close, I called in on my friends at Franceses. I couldn't stay all that long, though, because I had to be back in Los Cancajos at 12:30 and things to do on the way.

First, I called in at the Palma Romantica hotel in Barlovento, where they kindly agreed to put up a poster for my book. Then I called in at Iriarte printers in Los Sauces to collect my new business cards - some starlight guide cards, and my new cards for Dragon Tree Publishing (designed by, and classy as usual)
It's the first time I've used this printers, and I was a bit worried about finding the place, parking, and collecting the cards in the 20 minutes I could spare, but actually it only took five minutes, so I got to Los Cancajos a little early.

It was a doctor's appointment. The IAC (Canarian Astrophysics Institute) want all their tour guides to be checked out for working at altitude. It was irritating, but I can see their point. Luckily it didn't take too long, and the doctor pronounced me fit, although he recommended getting more exercise (which I sorta knew, but I suppose the prodding was needed.)

So I got home in time to cook lunch and take my son show shopping.  This is not simple because he has size 47 feet (size 13 in English money).  I also picked up hair dye, and made myself look professional in time for my first English class at El Alisio.  Since it was the first one, we gave the students tea, which meant that I had to sort out the tea, tea pot, cups, etc in good time.

I'm happy to say that the class went well. And as soon as we'd packed up, I went into Santa Cruz for the presentation of a book (they're still celebrating World Book Day) and a retelling of local legends by Antonio Gonzalez which was really good.

I got home again after 10 pm.

So it's not surprising that I was tired and unproductive all Friday.

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