Saturday, April 07, 2012

Free Kindle Anthology (with two of my stories in it)

"The amazing Escape Velocity: the anthology is currently free on Amazon (US and everywhere else). Limited time offer! Don't wait..."

Only the Kindle version is free.  You can get it at:

And here's part of two of the Amazon reviews:

"Scream Quietly" by Sheila Crosby was one of my favorite stories. Told by way of letters from the perspective of a young woman in 1849 England. This story depicts the intricacies of alien contact and space/ time travel. It's a wonderfully heartwarming tale with a great twist at the end.

The second story, 'Zuggyzu and the Humans', is also worth a mention as it is cleverly written and it's good to know not all the aliens have it in for the Humans. You will cringe and smile at the actions of the humans.
(OK, so I'm biased about which bits I pick. But it's really nice to know that people enjoy my stories.)

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