Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cheering me up.

It's been a bit depressing lately. My body clock still hasn't recovered from the house disco at the weekend, which is probably one reason why progress on the book has been slower than I'd hoped. Plus, there are forest fires on La Palma, Tenerife and La Gomera.

Then I posted on Facebook my opinion that global climate change was one thing making forest fires worse - just one thing - and somebody jumped down my throat claiming I'd supported cuts in the number of firemen.  [Huh?]  I later found out that he's uncomfortably close to the fire on Tenerife, so I've forgiven him for being het up.  But I didn't know that yesterday.

Then someone else flamed me saying that vaccines were TOTALLY UNNECESSARY and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS (because you don't need facts or data if your opinion is in ALL CAPS).

And then someone reading my book seemed very annoyed with what I'd written.  This turned out  later to be a misunderstanding, but it worried me at the time.

One way and another, I was quite down.

And then I found this photo of firemen protesting government cutbacks, basically telling Rajoy (Spain's Prime minister) "Kiss my arse!"

I feel better now.

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