Sunday, July 15, 2012

Music and the stars

From top to bottom: Jupiter, the moon, and Venus

Our village is having its annual fiesta, which is nice.

Last night there was a house music disco.  I'm not a fan of house, but hey, my parents didn't care for Status Quo.  I can live with this one night  a year.

The music from the house disco fought with the music from a thrash metal concert in the next village.  That was annoying.  Even after I shut the windows, the sound in my bedroom was about as loud as I usually play a radio.  That was worse.

It went on until 5 am.  That was seriously annoying.

I had planned to get up at 6:30 to photograph the conjunction of the moon, Jupiter and Venus.  When I was still awake at 4:30, I decided to get up and see whether the moon had risen yet.

It had, but it looked fuzzy, as though there was thin cloud or dust in the way.  So I went up to the viewpoint at Llano de La Venta up at 1,300 m to try for a photo.

But I hadn't had much sleep, had I?  I left the camera bag behind, and didn't realise until I got to the viewpoint, half an hour later.  So I had the compact camera, but no DSLR, no torch, and no do-hicky to fasten a camera to the tripod.  And no sleep.

All things considered, I think it came out quite well.

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