Monday, July 09, 2012

Todoque Cave

I've been on a caving course this week.  From Monday to Friday I've had theory classes (yes, in Spanish) which were mostly fascinating.  But since they ran from 5 - 9 pm it made for a busy week. On Saturday we actually went into two caves.

The course teachers said that overalls would be the best clothes to wear.  Well, the only overalls in the house were the ones my son used for his carnival costume - Ghost Busters.  So I made people happy all day - all they had to do was look at me and they started giggling.

I loved going down the caves.  Well, except for climbing down the small cliff to get it.  I'll be glad when they fit Todoque cave with a ladder.

I loved the light down the cave.

I loved the geological formations too. Above are little "snowflakes" formed by mineral salts seeping in. And I think the crack below was formed because the surface while the lava behind was still runny.

And I loved the chamber at the end.  Mind you, by that time, I was glad to stop walking on lumps of rock the size of breeze blocks, ducking through the bits with a low roof, and in a few bits, crawling on my hands and knees.

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