Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A weekend break - part 2

Whenever I'm in El Hierro I tend to wake up early and go for a walk before breakfast, then meet up with my friend later. This time, I was tired enough to wake up late and stagger to meet her at 10 am, although my hip had improved enough that I could walk along the flat at almost normal speed.

My friend knew a couple of teenagers who are interested in astronomy, and wanted to meet me to talk about my book (very flattering!).  Besides, we were out of milk.  So the plan was to drive to Valverde, via the little shop in San Andres which opens on a Sunday morning.

And the exhaust fell off my friend's car.  The tube part separated from the silencer and started dragging along the ground.

So we had to go back to El Pinar.  Who minds a bit of black tea when it's with a good friend?

And we chatted and watched DVDs and chatted and did some painting with the little girl next door. It's years and years since I painted a duck, and I'd forgotten what fun it is, even though I'm a terrible artist.  Maybe it's fun partly because I'm so terrible - it takes all the pressure off. (And maybe I need to worry less about results in general.)

The little girl made up a story about the duck, along with the butterfly, bee and ladybird that she'd painted. It was a good story too.

And her parents offered me a lift into Valverde in the morning, seeing as my friend couldn't take me to the airport. Fantastic!  It looked like I'd have to hang around in Valverde for a bus to the airport, but there was one that would get me there in  time for my flight. Although it would mean a very early start.

And for once in out lives we went out to the bar for dinner, and met friends of my friend and had a great time.

It was only once I was back at the hotel, packing, that I realised I'd have to leave before reception opened at the hotel.


In the end, I left a note with my contact details explaining the situation, and promising a bank transfer as soon as they gave me a bill and an account number. I still felt very guilty as I left though.

The journey was uneventful, except that I only had to wait ten minutes in Valverde before I got a bus to the airport. Of course that meant a longer wait at the airport itself, but I checked in the suitcase immediately, which made life easier.

All the same, by the time I got home, I felt I needed a holiday.

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Old Runningfox. said...

Great write-up Sheila, a real comedy of errors - depending on one's sense of humour. Funnily enough, I felt as if I needed a holiday last time I got back from La Palma!
Carry on scribbling.