Friday, March 15, 2013

Pope Francisco

Update: This quote is a hoax.  I apologise for spreading it.

There's an interesting quote from Jorge Bergoglio (yup, the new pope) published in the newspaper Telam Argentina on June 4, 2007 flying around the internet in Spanish.

"Las mujers son naturalmente ineptas para ejercer cargos politicos." "El Orden natural y los hechos nos enseñan que el hombre es el ser politico por excelencia; las estricturas nos demuestran que la mujer siempre es el apoyo del hombre pensador u hacedor, pero nada más que eso."

"Women are naturally unfit for political office." "The natural order and facts teach us that man is the being political par excellence; scriptures show us that women is always the support the thinking man or maker, but nothing more than that."

What gets me is that the bishops and cardinals claim that the church does a lot of good in the world. I recently realised that most of the good (soup kitchens, passing on second hand clothes etc.) is done by women. The women don't "support the thinking man or maker", they do it all. At least in this village they do! And the credit grabbing and very real harm (lying about condoms and AIDS, hating on gays, protecting rapists etc.) is done by the all-male clergy, mostly the higher-up clergy.

Maybe that's his definition of "thinking and doing".

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Patsy said...

Some religious people do a lot of good in the world and some do great harm. In both cases I think it's the actions of the individual that matter and these shouldn't be belittled, dismissed or excused because of their religious beliefs.