Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm a star of the silver screen!

Making me look glamorous
My next day's work didn't quite go to plan either.

I'd agreed to be interviewed at the Roque. I wasn't sure what they were filming, but I had a book to promote, and if I couldn't promote the book, maybe I could promote the island.  At worst, I'd get some practice in at being a media whore. So I dutifully set off with a selection of my working clothes, as ordered.

I was driving through Los Andennes (most of the way up there) when something under the bonnet went BANG!-clatter-clatter-clatter.

Of course I pulled over.

Luckily my boss was right behind me and he gave me a lift.  And I phoned my husband about the car, and he said he'd look after it if I could get a lift down with my boss.

It turned out that they were filming an advert for La Palma as a tourist destination. I could get right behind that!

I'd been expecting a team of about 4 people, but there must have been at least 12 of them. I even got professional make-up and a professional hair dresser fussing over me.  That was fun.  The only catch was the clothes.

It's always warm and sunny in the Canary Islands, at least according to the tourist board, never mind what the thermometer's actually saying at 8,000ft in March. So I wore a T shirt when the cameras were rolling, and I borrowed a jacket every time they stopped. And I answered questions and smiled and tried to look natural in spite of the cameras practically poking up my nose.

Actually it was rather fun. I'm a little too fond of being the centre of attention, really.
Two cameras and a microphone isn't intimidating, honest!

Once they'd finished filming me and my boss, we waited around and suggested other good bits to film around the Roque.  And then my boss had to be interviewed on a radio program, which meant that he had to be somewhere with mobile phone coverage, not halfway down the mountain.  So we waited for that, and he finally drove me home for about 8pm.  Which made for a long day, even though it was great fun.

Meanwhile, my husband had taken the car to a workshop and then walked home.

And before you ask, no I don't know when it'll be on the telly.  In any case, these were subcontractors working for the Canarian tourist board.  They seemed pretty pleased with my work, but in theory the tourist board might veto it and it'll never be shown at all.

Fingers crossed.

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