Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why aren't I writing?

Why aren't I writing? I'm a writer and I should be writing! I've been
reading John Scalzi's “You're not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your
Laptop to the Coffee Shop”, and he often produced 5,000 words in a
day. Welp.

Maybe it has something to do with trying to catch up with cleaning and
laundry after the party season, and the quarterly tax return, and
taking the decorations down, and distributing my books around the
island, and planning my website overhaul and trying to get fitter and
having a minor lurgy. I can see how that might interfere with writing
a bit. Oh, and I knitted myself a new pair of gloves, because I
couldn't find the old ones. Of course the old gloves turned up just as
I was finishing, along with another pair that I'd forgotten about, but
hey, it was quite nice to knit something.

And so far this year I've written 5 blog posts (most backdated) and 500
words of creative non-fiction which is nearly ready to go, and 500
words of publicity for my books (ditto) and further drafts on two
short stories. So I have been writing – just not very much for the
last ten days.

But I haven't done anything about finally finishing the second edition
of Una espectacular ventana al universo or starting a new book. I have
several ideas about new books, but I haven't done any bum-in-seat,
fingers-on-keyboard work on it at all.

Oh well, 260 words of blog post, at least. I hope it knocks some rust
off the wheels.

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Patsy said...

I'm impressed that you knitted those gloves!

Now get back to the writing!